George’s Best Friend

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George was a poor student. His teachers filled his report card with bad remarks. That is why George had no friend in the class. Sad and dejected, George was sitting alone in his room one night. Suddenly his computer screen flashed, “Hello! George, why do you look so sad,” said the computer. George jumped up in fright. “You speak?” asked George nervously. “I am a supercomputer and I can do anything,” said the machine. George explained his problem. “Oh! You need help in mathematics, science, geography, and history too,” affirmed the computer. “Yes, I am awfully weak,” cried Georage. The computer flashed a series of numbers and showed George how to do multiplication and division. Next the screen flickered and showed pictures of historical figures and landmarks. “Learning is real fun!” said George. The next day he surprised everybody, including the teacher with his knowledge of mathematics and history. From that day onwards, George started performing well. He had found a good friend who could teach too!

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