George and Georgette

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Once upon a time there lived two young people named George and Georgette. They both loved each other dearly and were engaged to be married soon.

One day, both George and Georgette went to the nearby woods for a walk. As they walked further and further, they heard the twitter of many birds. George heard the song of a thrush and turned to Georgette to show her the bird. But to his surprise, he found a thrush perched on a plant where Georgette once stood! George realised that the wicked witch of the woods had turned his beloved into a bird. He sat and cried bitterly, and then tired and hungry, he finally went off to sleep.

In his dream, he saw a red flower with a pearl in the centre. When George woke up, he went in search of this flower that he had seen in his dream. He knew it was magical. George found this red flower deep in the valley. There was a dewdrop settled in the centre of the flower. He went to the witch’s house with the flower. He saw many cages with all sorts of birds. He knew these birds were all young girls that the witch had captured. How would he find Georgette among these birds? The witch

spotted him. Quickly, George touched her with the magical flower. The witch was reduced to ashes at once and all the birds turned into lovely young girls.

Georgette ran to George and now they both were very happy. The king heard how brave George was and rewarded him with many gifts. The couple then got married and they lived happily ever after.

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