Fool’s Luck

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One day, a foolish man went to town to sell their ox. He did not tell his elder brothers who were cleverer than him of his plans. On the way, a sudden storm arose. The foolish man heard the trees creaking and thought that they were speaking to him. He asked the willow tree, “I think you wish to buy my ox.” The tree creaked even louder and the fool thought that the tree had agreed to buy his ox. He tied the ox to the tree. He told the tree that he would come to fetch the money later. When he reached home and told his brothers about the deal, they laughed and ridiculed him for his stupidity. The foolish man went back to the tree in anger. He cut down the tree in rage when it didn’t give him the money. Lo and behold! He found a pot of gold coins under the fallen tree trunk. The foolish man now became a rich man but he always remained kind to his brothers.

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