Foolish Friends Are Foes Indeed

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Once upon a time, a stag fell ill. So, he came to a clear grassy patch of land and lay down there. In a day or two, he became too weak to move his body even.

Soon the news of the stag’s illness spread and a number of his friends came to enquire after his health. Evidently, they were all grass-eating animals. They stayed with the stag to nurse him. In a few days, they grazed all the grass of the patch and

not a blade of it was left there now.

In a few days, the stag began to be well. Seeing this, his friends left one by one and he was left all alone. But he was still

too feeble to get up and move about.

As al I the grass of the patch had been grazed by the stag’s friends and he was too weak to go grazing, he starved to death. Had his friends not grazed the grass in the patch, he would have fed on it and lived. A silly friend is worse than a foe even.

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