Fluffy the Tortoise

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Belinda’s granddad had always told her that he would gift her a pet on her sixth birthday. “Whoopee!”

cried Belinda, “I am six today and I will get a pet from Grandpa.” “There is a duck with three little ducklings in the garden. How about one of those, Belinda?” asked Grandpa. “They are great but that’s not what I want,” replied Belinda. Next came the baker with two puppies. “Do you like these German Shepherds?” he asked Belinda. “How marvellous but I know exactly what I am looking for,” she replied. So, Grandpa took Belinda to the pet shop. There were pigs, rabbits and colourful birds too, but Belinda didn’t want them either. She was now sad as her pet was nowhere to be found. Just then a big green parrot swooped down and pulled off Belinda’s fluffy hat. It dropped the hat on a tortoise, which was crossing the road leisurely. “Oh! This is exactly what I want,” cried Belinda, “I shall call you Fluffy the tortoise!” and carried him home.

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