Flowers from the Moon

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Once there lived a handsome prince on a high mountain. He wanted to go to the moon because he loved [lie gentle moonlight. He loved the moon’s gentle white shine.

One day. he fulfilled his dream and really went to the moon. There he met the Moon King’s daughter. She was a lovely young princess. They fell in love with each other and wandered together all over the moon among the flowers and danced together.

But soon, it was time to go back to earth and the prince felt very sad. The princess gave him a beautiful flower that grew on the moon, so that the prince could always look at it and remember her.

The prince took the flower, bid the princess goodbye and went all the way back to earth. He planted the flower, and soon it covered all the mountains like a lovely white carpet.

It is believed that this is how the alpine flowers reached the earth from the moon!

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