Fearless John

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Fearless John was a young man who feared nothing.

One day, the king announced that he would marry his daughter, the beautiful Princess Lily of the Valley to anyone who dared to spend the night in the haunted woods.

Fearless John decided to try his luck in marrying the princess. He went to the woods, where he saw a castle, deep inside the jungle. This castle was actually haunted and was called the Castle of Terror.

That night, just as he was about to sleep he heard a big commotion. He saw many ghosts approaching him. But Fearless John was not worried. He picked up a club and chased them all away.

The next night, Fearless John saw an enormous bear in the castle. But John was not worried. He tied the beast up. On the third night, Fearless John came face-to-face with a fire-breathing dragon in the Castle of Terror. But John was still not worried. He made the monster run up and down, in and out. The dragon ran round and round until he was dizzy and collapsed and fell to the floor. John dragged the dragon into a well.

On the fourth day, Fearless John returned home. When the king heard about Fearless John’s adventures and how he had stayed in the Castle of Terror, he was impressed.

The king announced the marriage of Fearless John and his daughter, Princess Lily of the Valley. News of John’s bravery spread far and wide and all the people rejoiced with the royal family.

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