Excess of Anything Is Bad

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There was a pasture near the edge of a forest. Shepherds of the nearby villages came there with their flocks. While the flocks grazed, the shepherds spent their time playing games.

Now, there was a big old tree at the end of the pasture. It had a big hollow but with a narrow opening to get in. The shepherds put their lunch-packets in the hollow. At noon, they took them out and enjoyed their mid-day meals together.

One day a hungry fox happened to come that way. He got the flavour of the lunch-packets and followed it to reach the hollow. His belly was sunk inside owing to hunger. So, he was able to get into.the hollow without much difficulty.

The fox ate up the contents of all the lunch-packets. His belly puffed up on both sides. So, when he tried to come out of the hollow, he couldn’t. Soon the shepherds came there for their lunch-packets. They found the fox there and gave him a sound beating. Never take a thing far more than your need.


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