End of a Quarrel

rabbit and mouse

A rabbit dug a hole under a tree. He said “This is my house. I shall live in it.” And the rabbit happily began to live in his house.

One day the rabbit went to see his uncle. He lived with his uncle for one week. There he had lots of carrots to eat. After one week, the rabbit came back to his own house.

But what was this ‘? I le round a mouse inside his house. ‘the rabbit said to the mouse, “This is my house. I made it. Get out of my house at once.”

The mouse said, “No, this is my house. It was empty, and now I live here. Go away from my house.”

The two had a fight. Then the rabbit said, “Let us ask somebody if it is my house or yours.”

“All right,” said the mouse.

They came to a river. Near the river they saw a cat. She sat on the ground, and her eyes were closed. “I think this is a good cat,” the rabbit said. “Let us ask her.”

“Oh no,” the mouse said. “I am afraid of her. She will eat me up.”

The cat heard what they said. She said, “Come children, do not be afraid of me. I am not like other cats. I do not eat meat. I eat only fruit.”

The rabbit and the mouse believed her. The rabbit said, “Aunty, I dug a hole under a tree. I lived in this hole for many days. Then I went to see my uncle for a week. When I came back, I saw this mouse inside my house. Please tell him to leave my house.”

“But it is my house,” the mouse said. “The hole was empty, so I went in. And now I live there, so the house is mine.”

“Oh no, it is my house,” the rabbit said again.

“Oh dear,” said the cat. “1 can’t hear what you are saying. I am old, and my ears are bad. Please come near me and tell me again.”

The rabbit and the mouse thought the cat was good. So both of them we near the cat to tell her again.

But as soon as they went near her the cat jumped on them. She caught the rabbit with her teeth, and the mouse with her claws. Then she killed them both and ate them up.

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