Edgar Shares his Easter Eggs

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Edgar loved to paint Easter eggs. Every year painted his eggs with bright colours. “Come Edgar, let’s hide all the eggs in the garden for the Easter egg hunt,” said his mother. “Mama, I won’t give, away my Easter eggs to other children,” said Edgar anxiously. “Oh Edgar, sharing can be real fun too It makes you as well as those around you happy,” explained his mother. So Edgar and his mother hid all the eggs in different corners of the garden Next day, when his friends came they had a joyful time hunting Easter eggs. After the game each child got one egg. “These eggs look beautiful,” cried one friend. So sweet of you to distribute your Easter eggs like this,” said another friend. Edgar felt very special, for his friends had praised him. After his friends left. Edgar turned to his mother and said, ”Mama, sharing is indeed a lot of fun!”

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