Eagle Ellen Needs Glasses

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Eagle Ellen swooped and carried back a garden chair to the nest. “Another garden chair for breakfast!” cried her husband, “you must get your eyes checked.”

“If I wear spectacles all the other eagles will laugh at me,” cried Ellen. “The other eagles are laughing because you are getting garden chairs to eat,” explained her husband. So Ellen went to meet Doctor Eagle. Doctor Eagle made her wear big glasses and asked her to identify animals drawn on the board. “Hippo, jumbo and giraffe,” read Ellen. “See, I can read!” “That’s great, now identify the animals in the second row,” the doctor said. “D-o-g … C-A-T and umm,” said Ellen trying hard to recognise the animals. “Your eyesight is very bad. You need good pair of glasses. Three dead mice for a pair of glasses,” said Doctor Eagle. “But how can I catch three mice with my poor eyesight?” asked a worried Ellen. “You can wear your new glasses and catch them!” quipped Doctor Eagle. So Ellen got her glasses and never grabbed garden chairs ever again!

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