Dora and the Tooth Fairy

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One day, little Dora felt something hard in her mouth. She took it out and to her horror, it was a tooth! “Oh no, my teeth are falling,” she wailed. Mummy came rushing to see what had happened. Dora showed Mummy her missing tooth! “This happens to everybody. The milk teeth fall and new teeth replace them.” explained Mummy. “Now, you must not lose this tooth.” Mummy continued, “keep it safely under your pillow. At night the tooth fairy will come and take the tooth away and if you are lucky, she’ll leave a little gift for you.” Dora was very excited, she did as Mummy had told her. And guess what! Next morning, Dora found a pearl necklace under her pillow. “Look Mummy, the tooth fairy left a necklace for me,” said Dora happily. If only Dora knew that Mummy had kept the necklace under the pillow!

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