Donald the Cat

A group of mice used to plunder M. Ste confectionery every night. There would be broken dishes, scattered trays and crumbs of food on the floor. The only one to ad him of the menacing mice. he thought, would be his cat. Donald.

Donald was a silly cat. He crept up quietly and pounced on them. All the mice ran for the life, except for one who got stuck in as bowl of pudding. When he saw Donald approaching he took some cherries from the pudding and aimed than at the cat’s eyes. As the cherries hit his eyes, Donald mewed for help and out popped all the mice. They sprayed chocolate sauce on Donald, threw breadcrumbs at him and chewed his tail. When Mr. Stewart arrived and saw Donald’s condition, he cried, “Oh, you good for nothing fellow, you’re a disgrace!” and shooed him away.

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