Dog Sultan

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A farmer had a faithful dog called Sultan. But when Sultan grew old, the ungrateful farmer decided to shoot it.

Sultan overheard this and went to the wolf for help. They

I made a plan. One day, the wolf pretended to carry away the farmer’s child but Sultan rescued the child as had been planned. The farmer was grateful and didn’t kill Sultan. In return, the wolf asked Sultan to pretend to close his eyes when he would come to steal his master’s sheep. But Sultan remained loyal to his master and refused. The wolf challenged him to a fight. The wild boar was called to be the witness.

This time clever Sultan went with a cat, which had only three legs. When the wolf and the boar saw the cat walking on three legs, they were scared of the strange creature and climbed up a tree to hide. But a little later they realised their folly. The wolf was ashamed for showing such fear and made peace with Sultan.

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