Doctor Frog

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Freddy the frog was a proud fellow. He always boasted about what all lie could do to everyone around. “I just can’t stand Freddy!” twittered Tweety the sparrow. All the other animals were also very irritated with this habit of his. Whenever anyone saw Freddy approaching they would go the other way! One day, Freddy was boasting as usual to the other animals. “I am the most learned animal in this jungle! I am the smartest! I can cure every one of their ailments!” claimed Freddy. Foxy the talkative fox walked by. He heard Freddy and began laughing loudly. Tweety asked, “What’s the matter. Foxy? What’s so funny?” Finally. when Foxy stopped laughing, he said, “Friends take a look at Freddy! He can’t walk; he hops! He has warts all over his body and he croaks! If he can’t cure himself of his ailments, how will he help the others?” All the animals looked at Freddy and laughed aloud. Freddy the frog learnt never ever to boast to the other animals again.

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