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Dick Whittington and His Cat

Dick Whittington was a poor scullery boy in Mr. Fitz Warren’s huge mansion.

He stayed in a little room, which was filled with rats. They ate his food and chewed his clothes. “I must buy a cat who will kill all the rats,” he thought. In a few days the cat killed the rats. Dick and the cat became good friends.

Mr. Warren was a rich trader. One of his ships was leaving London with goods to trade. He said to Dick, “You must give something you have which can be traded for money or gold.” Poor Dick only had his cat but gave him away to his master with a heavy heart.

A few days later Mr. Warren received a letter from the King of Barbary. But lo! It was addressed to Dick. “The king will gift Dick a bag full of diamonds for sending his cat to get rid of the rats in the king’s palace,” read Mr Warren. So Dick Whittington became a rich man and he also got back his cat!

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