Deeds Not Mere Words

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young son came to handle all his business. The young trader was very boastful by nature. When he went on his first business travel abroad, he saw many new things. He was really thrilled to see them.

Returning home, the young trader felt impatient to tell the wonderful thrills to his friends. When they collected round him, he told them many surprising things. Among them, he boasted of an exploit of his Once there was a trader who often went abroad in connection with his business. When he grew old, his own.

The young man said, “Friends ! when I was at Paris, I took part in a jumping competition and none could beat me in long jump. Everyone praised me and I became the talk of the town. Just go to Paris and enquire.”

Everyone nodded, but one listener said, “We needn’t go to Paris. Why can’t you show us your feat here ?” The trader had no words to reply. Mere boasts don’t make you big.

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