Curcus Escape

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Billy was excited! He was watching a circus for the first time. “Oooh!” his eyes widened as the majestic lions entered the ring. “Look, Billy,” said Mom pointing to the clowns. Everyone laughed at their funny acts and silly jokes. Billy laughed so hard that he nearly fell off his chair.

Suddenly, there was a loud trumpeting noise and out came three swaying elephants. “There’s a baby one too!” squealed Billy in delight. “What is he doing?” To the amazement of all, the small elephant ran out of the ring and down the stage and out of the circus tent. “Minny! Come back,” shouted the elephant trainer.

But Minny was too excited. She ran into the supermarket causing panic among the shoppers. She helped herself to a heap of buns and bananas. She reached a lake and filled water in her trunk and sprayed it on all the passersby. After a good day out, Minny was back in the circus and happy to be with her friends again.

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