The Lion and the Hare

Once a lion was on his usual evening prowl in search of prey. Luckily, it caught sight of a hare sleeping fast under a bush. How happy he was to get a meal without any effort !

The lion was just going to spring at the sleeping hare when he saw a stag passing by. He said to himself, “I had better go in for the bigger prey ; It is sure to make a much nicer meal.”

So, the lion gave a hot chase to the stag but he failed to overtake it. He gave up the attempt and returned to the place where the hare was sleeping.

Reaching there, the lion saw that the hare was no longer there. The small animal had woken up and moved to safety by then. It was quite dark now. So, the lion had to remain hungry.

“I have been served right. Had I contented myself with the hare, I would not have starved at least,” murmurred the lion.

Greed for more causes one to lose what one already has.

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