Crab the Merchant

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The king had lost a precious ring! He declared that he would reward anyone who found it for him.

A clever peasant, named Crab, went to the king and said, “I am an astrologer and will find your ring.” The king told his servants to take Crab to a room and treat him well. As the days passed by, Crab pretended that he knew astrology and pored over books. The servants were very afraid of him. One day, Crab asked his wife to hide in the room and say, “He is the one!” when any servant entered. When one of the servants heard the voice saying, “He is the one,” he was scared and confessed of stealing the ring. He offered Crab money and begged him to leave him alone. Crab asked him to put the ring in the mouth of a turkey in the garden. Then Crab went to the king and declared that a turkey had swallowed the ring. When the turkey was cut, the ring was found. The king rewarded Crab handsomely.

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