Cliff the Adventurer

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Cliff loved adventure sports. One day while rock climbing, it began to rain heavily. He took out the survival manual from his bag and read the instructions, “If you see a whale, jump on it.” Cliff looked into the deep blue ocean. Suddenly he heard a shrill call. “It’s a whale!” Cliff said excitedly. As soon as it neared the edge of the mountain, Cliff jumped and fell right on the whale’s back. The whale carried Cliff to the seashore. When Cliff reached the shore he found many people running hither and thither. “Are you a climber?” asked a boy. “Please save us from the flood. People are being swept away.” Cliff sat on the whale’s back and rescued all the people one by one.

He carried them safely back to the mountain. “Cliff, you are a not only a great climber, but also a great boy,” said everyone and thanked Cliff for saving their lives.

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