Clever Onkie

A rabbit called Onkie lived in the deep African jungles. He was a very intelligent rabbit but Onkie wanted to become even wiser.

So, one day, he went to meet the good witch who lived in the woods. The witch heard Onkie’s wish and said, “We shall see! But first bring me a live python!”

Onkie, the rabbit cut the largest branch of a nearby tree and went to the python. He called out, “Pithy, pithy, python, so small like a twig!” The python became very angry and said, I am not as tiny as you think!” Onkie challenged the python and said, “Then stretch along this branch! Let me measure how big you are!” The python wanted to prove Onkie wrong and did as he was told. As soon as the python stretched himself, the clever rabbit at once tied him to the branch. He went to the witch who was very happy to see it. But she decided to give him another test.

“Bring me a swarm of bees!” she said. Onkie thought of a clever plan. He emptied a pumpkin, put some honey in it, and hung it on a branch. Within a few minutes, it was filled with bees. Onkie quickly closed the opening of the pumpkin and took it to the witch. The good witch was very impressed with Onkie.

The clever rabbit had passed all the tests. The witch then put a dark mark between Onkie’s ears for people to know that he was very intelliĀ­gent and clever. Ever since then, all African rabbits have this dark mark between their ears.

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