Choosing a Bride

A young man wanted to get married. He knew three sisters who were equally beautiful and wanted to marry one of them. But he couldn’t decide whom to choose for a wife. “Mother, who do you think will be the most suitable?” he asked his mother. His mother thought for a while, “You must invite the three sisters to dinner tomorrow.”

The next day, the sisters were invited to dinner and cheese was served to them. The first one ate the cheese without removing the peel. The second one removed the peel so hastily that a lot of cheese was left on it and she wasted a lot of cheese with the peel. The third sister carefully peeled the cheese and then ate it so that none was wasted.

The mother silently observed what all the three sisters were doing and finally said to her son, “Marry the third sister, as she would run the household well.” The young man married the third sister and lived very happily with her.

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