Cain Kills Abel

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After being driven out of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve started life on Earth. They had two sons, Abel and Cain. Abel worked as a shepherd, while Cain worked as a farmer.

Once, they were required to give offerings to God. Cain brought a small amount of his harvest crops with a careless attitude, but Abel brought best pieces of meat of his sheep, showing his deep heartfelt trust in God. Seeing this, God was pleased with Abel, but unhappy with Cain. This made Cain angry. Burning with rage and jealousy, he murdered his brother, Abel.

When God came, he asked from Cain, “Where is your brother?” Cain pretended that he didn’t know.

“Look what you have done!” said God to Cain, angrily. “I can see Abel’s blood on the field. You have killed your brother Abel, so now I will punish you,” said God, “From now on, your crops will no longer grow and you will have to wander through the world without a home.”

Realising his mistake, Cain grew scared of the punishment. He asked from God, “How will I survive. When people will come to know that I’ve killed my brother, they will kill me?” Seeing Cain repentant, God assured him, “If someone bothers you, he will suffer seven times than you.”



Cain’s Jealousy destroyed all bonds of affection and lead to a wicked act. His sin was greater than that of Adam and Eve. God punished Cain and sent to live the rest of his life as a wanderer.

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