In the kingdom of Florin, there lived a maiden called Buttercup, who loved Westly. Westly was a farm boy who dreamt of becoming rich. One day, he sailed to America to fulfil his dream.

Buttercup missed him a lot and waited eagerly for him to return. One day, a man told her that the sea pirate Roberts had killed Westly. Buttercup was heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Humperdinck was the evil ruler of Florin. He wanted to make Buttercup his queen. However, he did not love her. His real aim was to kill her and put the blame on the ruler of the neighbouring country, so that he could wage a war against him.

Humperdinck hired Vizzini, and his two companions, Inigo Montoya and Fezzik to do the job. The three kidnapped Buttercup and fled Florin.

While escaping, they suddenly saw a masked man chasing them with a huge sword. He overpowered the three and whisked away Buttercup on his horse.

While struggling to free herself from the stranger, Buttercup tore open his mask. Before her stood Westly! He told her how Roberts had spared his life and set him free.

When Humperdinck learnt that Westly had found Buttercup, he sent his army to capture him. But Inigo, Montoya, and Fezzik took pity on the lovers and decided to help them. They joined forces with Westly and attacked Humperdinck.

After Humperdinck’s death, Westly and Buttercup were married and lived happily forever.

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