Brother and Sister

A little brother and his little sister left their home because their wicked stepmother ill-treated them. On their way, the brother felt thirsty and went to a brook to drink water. But their wicked stepmother, who was a witch, had bewitched all the brooks. When the boy drank the water, he turned into a roebuck.

Meanwhile, the sister found a small house in the forest and the two started living there. Years passed and then one day. while the roebuck was wandering in search of food in the forest, the king and his huntsmen saw it. They tried to chase it but it safely returned home.

The king was very charmed by the roebuck and followed it to the cottage. He went up and knocked at the door. When the sister opened the door, the king was wonderstruck by her beauty. He immediately asked her to marry him. The girl agreed and went to live in the palace along with the roebuck, her brother. Soon a princess was born.

When this news reached the stepmother she became very jealous. She wanted her own daughter to become the queen. She killed the queen and made her daughter look like the young queen and put her in her place on her bed. The king did not know that this was a false queen.

Every night, the ghost of the true queen came to the room to feed her child and would stroke the roebuck’s back. One night, the king stopped her, and she related the whole story to him. The angry king killed both the wicked witch and her daughter. Immediately, the queen regained life and the roebuck his human form again, and they lived happily ever after.

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