Briar Rose

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Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, a king and queen longed for a child. Their desire was granted when the queen showed kindness to a little fish, who promised her a daughter in return. True to the fish’s words, the queen gave birth to a beautiful princess. Excited to introduce their daughter to the world, the king planned a grand feast, inviting friends, nobles, and fairies.

However, there were thirteen fairies in the kingdom, and the king only had twelve golden dishes for them. Unfortunately, one fairy was left uninvited. During the feast, the twelve fairies bestowed their blessings upon the princess, giving her qualities like goodness, beauty, and wisdom. Just as the last fairy was about to give her gift, the thirteenth fairy appeared in anger. She declared that the princess would prick her finger on a spindle and fall into a deep sleep on her fifteenth birthday.

Thankfully, the twelfth fairy, who hadn’t given her gift yet, intervened. She couldn’t reverse the curse but lessened its severity. Instead of dying, the princess would sleep for a hundred years until awakened by true love’s kiss. Determined to protect their daughter, the king ordered all the spindles in the kingdom to be destroyed.

Years passed, and on the princess’s fifteenth birthday, the king and queen were absent from the palace. The princess, exploring the castle, discovered an old tower. Inside, she found an elderly lady spinning. Curiosity got the better of her, and she touched the spindle, fulfilling the curse. The princess fell into a deep slumber, and with her, the entire palace and its inhabitants.

As foretold, a thick hedge of thorns grew around the palace, shielding it from prying eyes. Many princes attempted to penetrate the thicket but failed, meeting a grim fate. Centuries later, a brave prince learned of the tale and decided to face the challenge. Despite warnings, he ventured forth.

To his surprise, the thorns parted easily, allowing him access to the hidden palace. Within, he encountered a world frozen in time. The prince discovered the sleeping princess and couldn’t help but kiss her. The enchantment broke, and Briar Rose awoke, smiling at her savior. The spell lifted throughout the palace, and joy returned to all.

Briar Rose and the prince married, celebrating their union with a grand wedding feast. They lived happily ever after, their love story becoming a legend passed down through generations.

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