Mr. Peacock came rushing to Mr. Lion one night “Please help me! I am being hunted down for my beautiful feathers by human beings,” he cried “I have a plan,” said Mr. Lion confidently. “Why not dress ourselves as peacocks and scare the hunters,” he suggested. “Excellent idea, Sir!” exclaimed the peacock. So the next morning, Mr. Peacock lent his feathers to the lion and his wife who covered their brown bodies with bright blue feathers. When the hunters entered the forest, Mr. Peacock called out loud to draw their attention. Mr. and Mrs. Lion walked past the hunters stealthily, “Oh, look what healthy peacocks!” exclaimed one of the hunters. As soon as they aimed their guns, Mr. and Mrs. Lion leapt forward and killed them. Soon word spread that the forest had huge ferocious peacocks who could kill. The hunters were too frightened to ever hunt peacocks again.

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