Blue Light

Once many years ago, a soldier was wrongfully expelled from service by a king. Humiliated and disheartened, he left the kingdom and went away.

One day, he found a blue light, which actually belonged to a witch. He switched on the shining blue light to light his pipe. Whoosh! All of a sudden, a black dwarf emerged and said, “Command, master! I will fulfill all you wishes.” At first the soldier was taken aback. Then a bright idea struck him.

Armed with the blue light he went back to the kingdom. “Bring me the princess and make her my slave!” he ordered the slave. Every night as instructed, the dwarf would fetch the princess and send her back in the morning.

The princess bore this for sometime and kept quiet. Finally, one day, she went to the king. The king was furious at hearing this. “Leave your shoes at the kidnapper’s house, my child,” he told his daughter. That night the king’s guards went to search for the shoes. The dwarf could not make the shoes vanish, and the king’s men captured the soldier. Unfortunately, the soldier forgot to bring the blue light with him. “Throw him in prison!” thundered the king.

The guards put the soldier in prison where he kept lamenting about his misfortune. As for the blue light, why it is still lying in the old cave where the soldier left it!

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