Blaming Needs Wisdom

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Once upon a time a ship was caught in a violent storm. It wrecked and the waves cast its wrecks on the sands of the shore. Among them was a sailor who lay senseless on the beach. When he came to himself, he cursed the sea. He said, “The sea is a cheat indeed. It attracts men with its cool and calm waters. But once they are in its grips, it turns furious and destroys them.”

The sea heard the reproach of the sailor and felt pinched. But it didn’t want to trouble him anymore. So, it came to the sailor in the form of a beautiful damsel.

“Who are you, 0 lovely lady ?” asked the sailor.

“I am the sea and am indeed as lovely as you see me now. You are cursing me for the wreck. But it isn’t just.”

“What is just then ?” asked the sailor in surprise.

“That the wreck was caused by cruel winds that blew into gusts and gales over me and created stormy waves in my calm waters,” argued the sea. The sailor couldn’t but feel sorry.

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