Ben New Seat

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Ben, a grizzly bear, had no friends and felt lonely in the forest. He decided to make a seat under a tree and watch everyone pass by. In this way, he would be able to make many friends. Next day, Ben sat on his new seat. Soon, a grey rabbit came by. He was very curious to see the seat and hopped onto it merrily. Then a squirrel jumped down from a branch above and sat next to the rabbit. Soon, two raccoons came scampering by and jumped on the seat too. Then a red fox and a stoat came running along and joined them. Now the seat was very crowded. Hearing their noise and laughter, a tiny bluebird also joined them.

But the seat could not take so much weight. It creaked and slowly all the legs broke and everyone fell down laughing. Ben had made so many friends and was very happy. He decided to make a bigger seat, which would be big enough for all his friends.


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