Two cockroaches lived in a house. Both of them were young and full of energy. Each day, they would run, jump and chase each other while playing. Though they were equally strong, there was a difference. One cockroach was optimistic and always lived in hope, while the other was pessimistic and lived in despair.

One day, while playing, both cockroaches fell into a pot of milk. They swam around and tried to hop out, but, as there was no solid support under their feet, it was not possible for the cockroaches to hop out and escape from the pot.

After some struggle, the pessimistic cockroach said. to itself, “It is impossible to hop out. No doubt, I have strength but I can’t swim very long. I am already tired.” Thinking thus, the cockroach did become tired soon and could not swim any longer. It gave up its struggle and went down to the bottom of the pot. Finally, it was drowned.

On the other hand, the optimistic cockroach kept on struggling, saying to itself, “No doubt, it seems difficult but who knows! Maybe some miracle will occur. If I try a little longer, something good might happen. It is a question of only a few minutes more and then I will be out of here.”

Hoping for a miracle to happen, the second cockroach went on swimming. His constant leg movements churned the milk and turned it into a huge heap butter. Soon the cockroach was able to climb up the heap of butter and hopped out of the pot.

Positive thinking had saved the life of the cockroach.


Nothing is impossible as long as you don’t give up.

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