Be Ever-Ready for The Worst

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One day a fox was roaming about in a thick forest in search of food. Suddenly he caught sight of a wild boar. The boar was rubbing his tusks against the trunk of a tree.

The fox looked about carefully but he couldn’t see any danger for the boar anywhere. Despite his wisdom, he couldn’t follow why, after all, the boar was doing that.

Unable to control himself, the fox went to the boar and asked, “Why are you doing that, Mr Boar ? The hunters are not out today and I see no other danger as well.”

“You are perfectly right my friend ;” replied the boar, “but will it be wise to dig a well when a fire has broken out ? We are living in a forest where enemies are there at every step. Who knows when I’ll have to face an enemy and use my tusks against him ? If I don’t do it now, I may not get any time to sharpen my tusks when I need them most ?”

Always be prepared for the worst that can happen.

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