Barry the Bat

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Barry was a baby bat. Like all bats he was blind and scared of lights. He would not let poor Mama leave his side. At night when Barry went to sleep he would often wake up with a start. “The street lights are still on, Mama!” he would call out anxiously. “Don’t worry, my child, we will go to a darker place,” comforted his mother. So Barry followed his mother into a dark dingy cave. “But what if I feel hungry? Where will I get insects at night,” asked Barry. -You can sense them by the sound you hear and catch them promptly!” explained his mother. “Now no more questions. You will hang upside down and fall asleep.” said his mother warmly, “And will I get a warm hug from you?” asked Barry excitedly “Sure, my child!” said his mother and gave Barry a warm hug.

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