Babbling Tongues

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After escaping from the flood, Noah’s family and descendants began roaming from place to place in East. Many years later, one group reached a fertile, plain in Babylonia and decided to settle down there. They held a meeting and planned to build there a large city, so that they could live comfortably.

They began constructing houses. To build houses, they used bricks made of mud, baked hard in the fiercely hot sun and stuck the bricks with tar. The biggest building was to be a spectacular tower. It was to be so tall that its top would reach to the sky.

This achievement made the people very happy and they proudly started saying, “Now we would become very famous. We can do any kind of difficult work.”

However, their pride was their mistake, for which they had to pay. “These people are danger for the nature. Now, they will forget me and will try to control all the things,” said God. He grew angry with the people on earth and decided to stop them by mixing up their words, so that they would not understand each other.

Next day, when the people wanted to talk to each other, they could not speak like they used to talk before.

There was a confused babble of voices. Nobody was able to understand to what the other person said. This halted the construction work. Now, since the people spoke different languages, and were not able to communicate with each other, they decided to leave the place. They went to different places and scattered around the world.



The people of Babylonia wanted to be like God. They wanted to bulid a tower for their own glory. Their vanity and pride led to their downfall. Because of their pride, they suffered confusion and separation.


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