Avoid Strong Neighbours

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Once upon a time it rained cats and dogs for several days. As a result, there were floods. Many houses collapsed and household articles were carried away by the flood-waters.
It was only by chance that two pitchers were also carried away by the flowing tide. One of them was made of brass while the other of baked clay.
The brass-pitcher was strong enough to be tossed against anything. But the clay-pitcher was in an ever-present danger of being broken if it struck against something.
The brass-pitcher looked at the clay-pitcher on whose face, fear was writ large. So, he said, “Brother ! keep close to me ; I shall protect you in every way.’
“But that is even more dangerous for me, brother. If I keep at a distance from you, I may float to safety. But should we come together, it would surely be worse for me,” retorted the clay-pitcher.

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