Are the Stars Stuck to the Sky?

All the children would go to sleep at night only when Sleep Imp flew over their houses and sang melodious lullabies to them. On a Saturday night, none of the children had gone to sleep because Sleep Imp was late. All the mothers were very angry and finally, one of the mothers went to Sleep Imp to complain about the delay.

Sleep Imp apologised for the delay and said, “I am sorry. I’m late because I had to do so much work. I had to do all the cleaning for tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday, a holiday, and everything has to look clean and tidy and pretty. I still have a lot of things to do tonight.”

The mother asked, “What things?” Sleep Imp replied, “I have to bring down the bells and polish them so that they can ring loud and clear. Then, I have to go to the gardens and check whether the wind has blown the dust from the grass and the flowers. Then, I have to go up to the sky, bring down the stars and make them shiny and bright and then put them back in their place.” The mother demanded, “But the stars are stuck in the sky. How can you take them out?” Sleep Imp was angry on hearing this. He said, “I know what I am doing.”

The mother wanted to prove her point but when she peeped through the window she saw that her child was already fast asleep. So there was no point in arguing further with Sleep Imp and she went back. She never found out if at all the stars are stuck in the sky or not.

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