Once, there lived a goat named Angus. He stayed with his owners, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas. They pampered Angus like a baby. However, Angus loved chewing woollen clothes and his master and mistress scolded him for doing so. One morning, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas had to go to the market. Before leaving, they put Mr. Douglas’ favourite woollen jacket on the clothesline. “Angus, don’t chew the jacket,” warned the Douglases. Once the Douglases left, it began to pour heavily. “Oh, the coat is getting wet! I must pull it down,” thought Angus. However, even before he knew it, he was chewing the coat. When the rains stopped, Angus realised what he had done. “Oh no,” he thought, “this time they will throw me out of the house.” He decided to keep quiet about it. When the Douglases returned, Mr. Douglas asked, “Has the wind blown away my coat?” Angus promptly nodded. However, Mrs. Douglas noticed a strand of wool sticking against Angus’ chin. “Why! It’s the jacket wool,” screamed Mrs. Douglas. “So you’re the culprit,” confirmed Mr. Douglas. Poor Angus had to go without his lunch and dinner. He swore never to chew wool again.

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