Amin and the Eggs

Once, there lived a farmer called Amin in Arabia. He lost all his crops due to a drought and became poor. So he asked a trader to lend him a dozen boiled eggs. The next day he set off on his donkey to seek his fortune.

After seven years, Amin came back to his native village a rich man. He rode a fine black horse and had many camels carrying gold and silver. Soon everyone came to know of his wealth. When the greedy trader heard this, he asked for five hundred silver coins as payment for the eggs that he had given to Amin seven years ago. Amin refused to pay. They took the matter to court.

On the day of the hearing, Amin arrived forty minutes late, panting. The judge asked, “Where have you been?” Before Amin could reply, the greedy trader spoke, “Sir, Amin owes me five hundred silver coins. I gave him a dozen eggs. A dozen chickens must have hatched from them. These would have laid even more eggs. I too would have been rich by now.” The trader thought that the judge would decide in his favour. “The judge asked Amin again, “Why are you so late?” Amin simply said, “Sir, I was planting a dozen boiled beans in the garden, so that I have a good crop of beans next year.

The judge shouted, “You fool! Since when did boiled beans start growing?” At once Amin replied, “And, sir, since when did boiled eggs start hatching?” Amin won the case while the trader hung his head in shame and walked away.

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