Alan and the Hunters

Two hunters killed a wild pig, but they had no fire on which to cook it. So they went to look for some fire and saw a house nearby. They found a man called Alan and his baby sleeping inside the house. They asked Alan to help them light a fire. Alan helped them and in return, asked them to give him a little meat for his baby after they had cooked it. Saying so, Alan left for work.

The men agreed to do so. But they were very hungry and ate up all the meat themselves. Then the wicked men hid the baby.

When Alan returned home, he found his baby missing. He searched the whole house but didn’t find his baby anywhere. Then he ran to the spot where the two men were. Finding them hiding in a tree, he picked up an axe and chopped the tree. The hunters fell to the ground and died instantly.

Later, Alan discovered a lot of treasure buried where the baby was hidden and became rich.

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