Affectation Seldom Works

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Once upon a time there was a jackdaw who lived near a farm-house. The owner of the farm had kept some pigeons and he fed them with grains regularly. The jackdaw looked at the pigeons and envied them everyday.

Deciding to share the feed, the jackdaw painted his body like that of a pigeon. Then he joined the pigeons as one of them. Thus he was able to enjoy the feed daily. The pigeons never suspected anything foul. But one day after the feed, the jackdaw could not control himself. He started crying and the pigeons came to know that he was not one of them. They pecked at his body so mercilessly that he began to bleed.

The jackdaw flew away to save his life and went straight . to his own brethren—the jackdaws. But because of his painted body, they refused to own him. So, he was forced to flee in order to save himself. He became a homeless wanderer which he till today is. Never pose to be what you are not.


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