Aesop at Play

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Once, Aesop was playing with some children in his neighbourhood. He was running around and laughing out with those children.

While Aesop played, a Man from Athens, who knew him, walked by the playfield. He saw Aesop playing and was shocked to see his childish play.

The Man laughed aloud at Aesop and said, “Aesop, such kind of play does not suit your age and wisdom. What are you trying to teach these children? Don’t you have better things to do?”B18

hearing the Man’s words, Aesop did not lose his cool. He smiled and ran back to the field to bring a bow. The Man was curious to see what Aesop would do next.

Aesop   then tied a string around  the bow and kept it at the Man’s feet. Then he said, “Dear friend, if this bow is always kept strained, it would lose its elasticity. And some day, it will snap. We have to sometimes use it or let it go free so that it will be fitter for use when it is wanted!” The Man understood what Aesop said.

Physical activity is important for an active and fresh mind.

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