Aesop and the Poultry

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nce, Aesop was standing outside a poultry farm near the road-side. He was looking at the Poultry, very keenly. When people saw him standing there for a long time, they became curious. They started asking each other, “Why is Aesop watching the Poultry so keenly?”

One of them said, “Let us go and ask him what the matter is.” They were like those people who are only interested in what others do.

They approached Aesop, but Aesop did not look at them. He still looked at the Poultry in the farm. One of the men got interested and asked, “Aesop, what is it in this farm that has grabbed your attention?” Aesop then looked at him and replied, “I am amazed to see this Goose.” One of the men in the crowd asked, “How can such an animal amaze you?”

Aesop smiled and said, “I am amazed at how humans readily copy this foolish Goose.”

“In what ways do we humans copy this animal, Aesop?” asked another man from the crowd.

“Well, just like these animals, we humans also brag so much about ourselves and may often harm ourselves badly!”

Never make false claims about your abilities.

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