Aesop and his Fellow Servants

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Once, Aesop’s master was going on a journey. All the Servants, including Aesop had to carry sacks on their backs. Aesop selected a sack that contained bread. It was also the largest and the heaviest sacks. The other Servants laughed at him for choosing the largest sack.

The remaining Servants chose sacks, which were not as large or heavy as Aesop’s sack.

B16Then the journey started and all the Servants carried their sacks on their backs. When they looked at Aesop carrying a heavy sack, they made fun of him. After some hours, everybody stopped for lunch. Aesop was asked to distribute bread from his sack. He distributed the bread to all and this lightened his burden by half.

They all started walking again. Soon, it was time for supper. Aesop was asked to distribute the remaining bread to everybody. He did so and this emptied his sack. For the remainder of the journey, he had nothing but the empty sack to carry. The other Servants’ loads seemed to get heavier and heavier at each step. Now they approved of Aesop’s clever decision!

Think about future gains while taking any
decision; even if they require hard work.

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