A Wizard and a Mouse

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Long ago, there lived a great Wizard. One day, as he was walking through the village, a Mouse fell to

the ground from the beak of a crow. He picked up the Mouse and fed him some rice.

Then, one day, the Wizard saw a Cat chasing the Mouse around the village. Scared that his pet Mouse would be killed by the Cat, he turned the Mouse into a Cat so that it could defend itself.

The next day, the Wizard saw his Cat frightened by a Tiger and  immediately changed him into a
The villagers said, “That’s not a Tiger! It’s just a Mouse that the Wizard changed into a Tiger. He won’t eat us or even scare us.”
When the Tiger heard this, he was furious with the Wizard. He thought, ‘As long as the Wizard is alive, the truth about my real nature will always be spoken!’
But as soon as the Wizard saw the Tiger coming, he understood his plan and shouted, “Get back into the
form of a Mouse.”
The Tiger shrank and became a little Mouse, once again.

Whoever we grow up to be, we should always be humble.

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