A Wilful Person Ever Suffers

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Once upon a time a man was going with his donkey down a hill-road. He was following the donkey with a rod in his hand. The donkey jogged down carefully over some distance. But then suddenly it left the track and strayed aside. Its owner tried his best to drive it back to the track but the wilful beast didn’t obey. As a result, it reached the edge of a cliff that overlooked a deep gorge.

The owner felt worried to see the danger for the donkey. He was at a loss to understand what to do. So, he caught hold of its tail when it was just about to leap over the edge of the cliff.

The man heaved a lot to check the donkey from moving ahead but all in vain. It didn’t budge even an inch backwards. So, the man let it go saying, “All right ; go your way to meet with your death. What else can I do ?”

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