A Trader and his Luck

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There was a Trader who carried goods, to and from far off places. Luck smiled on him and he grew rich. Whatever he touched turned into gold. His ships reached their destinations without any shipwreck. His partners, agents and vendors proved faithful. His goods were sold at the highest prices. He earned more money than he could spend.

One day, one of the Trader’s friends asked him,

“How did you get so much wealth?”

“It was all because of my skill, hard work and sound judgement,” he replied proudly. “I knew exactly when and where to invest,” he added.

Then the Trader put in all his money in new businesses. This time he did not succeed. It was because of his ill judgment. One of his ships was wrecked on high seas, another was plundered by Mice. His wares did not sell because of the change in fashions. He lost all the wealth and money he had!

The Trader’s friend asked him again, “How did you lose all your wealth and money?”

“It is because of bad luck!” he answered, sadly.

We should not blame luck for our failure, if we do not thank it for our success.

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