A Lion, a Mouse and a Cat

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Once upon a time, there lived a mighty Lion in a cave on top of a mountain. Whenever he went to sleep, a Mouse used to come out of his hole and nibble at his mane.

As soon as the Lion woke up, the Mouse would run away and slip off into his hole. The Lion was very angry with the Mouse.

The Lion wanted to stop this and thought of an idea. He went to the nearby village and brought a Cat back with him.

The Lion fed the Cat well and let her loose in the cave. The Mouse saw the Cat and was frightened; he would not come out of his hole. The Lion was able to sleep, undisturbed as the Cat stood guard. This went on for some time. Then, one day, the Mouse was very hungry. He decided to risk his life and came out of his hole looking for food. The Cat pounced on him and killed him. When the Lion saw that the Mouse was dead, he stopped feeding the Cat. The poor Cat grew weaker and finally starved to death.

Treat everyone with respect, not only when you need their help.

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