A Hunter, a Deer, a Pig, a Snake and a Jackal

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Once upon a time, a Hunter lived in a forest. One morning, he set out hunting, hoping to find a deer.

Soon, he saw a Deer and hunted him down. The Hunter slung him over his shoulder and merrily started home.

On the way, he came across a fat Pig. He dropped the Deer on the ground and shot the Pig with an arrow.

The Pig gave a fearful grunt and charged at the Hunter. He hit the Hunter hard in the stomach and killed him instantly. Then the wounded Pig also fell down dead.

During the fight, a Snake that was passing by got trampled and died.

All this time, a Jackal was sitting behind a tree.

When he saw the Hunter, Deer, Pig and Snake, all lying dead, he was overjoyed and said to himself, “Ah! What luck! It looks as though I am going to have a feast, but I shall eat only a little at a time so it will last me longer.”

Then, the Jackal dragged each body to his cave, one by one. He had a feast for a long time!

Be patient and think wisely.

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