A Friend in Need

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Once upon a time. Slith the snail and Cousin Glug the slug lived in the shade of a cool, damp log. One day. Slith was trying to inch her way towards a juicy stalk. Glug soon overtook her. Slith tried to keep pace with Glug but the latter teased her, “Stith, you do know what is a snail’s pace?”

Slith felt offended but a few minutes later when Glug stopped to feed on a juicy leaf, she overtook him and said. “There you are, one sluggish creature.” Glug did not have a good sense of humour. He retorted. “How funny you took moving with your home on your back,” referring to the snail’s shell. But Slith kept silent.

A little later, they came to know from the ants that the woodlice had eaten the log under which they all lived and so now they had no home. But Slith’s home was on her back! When Slith saw that Glug was worried, she said, “Friend, I won’t leave you alone. We’ll search a new log and make it our home.”

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